What is ASO ?

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According to Wikipedia “The first use of the term “App Store Optimization” to describe this new discipline appears to have been in a presentation by Bryson Meunier on December 8, 2009.It began to take hold as a standardized term not long after, with reputable sources such as Search Engine Watch and TechCrunch using the term by February, 2012.
Application Store Optimization (ASO ) is basically optimization of a mobile application for different application stores like  Google Play, Amazon etc so that the application found within the app stores and generate extra downloads.

Currently more than 100,000  apps in the iTunes App Store and 450000 apps available in g Google play and many new application launch everyday and competition is also increase day by day that is the main  reason ASO is important for newly launched application.
ASO is new and completion in market is also low as compare to  SEO.

ASO methods is a question for everyone because App Store Optimization is a young and evolving field. Methods of how to efficiently optimize an app’s visibility within an app store are still relatively unknown.
However ASO becoming an important factor of app downloads for marketers, methods for App Store Optimization are beginning to be more widespread. some app store optimization tools is also available in market.
We can start ASO from application’s keywords,description, icons, video, screenshot. If we add quality and optimized keywords,description, icons, screenshot and video will defiantly work for application ranking in app store. After that reviews and comments is also very important factor for application ranking in app market.If your application is bug free and work properly and get good reviews and comments then application will be ranked naturally in app store.
Social Media Marketing will also work for your application.You can viral your application through social media. Some paid advertising tools are also available in market like inmobi, admob .


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO ?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to make a website visible in top search result of search engine  like Google,yahoo, Bing etc. The image given below is an example of google search result.

The above example shows the top search result of google search engine for the keyword “automotive news”. Any businessman who is handling an online business, want his visible in top search results when someone type something related to his business in search engine.

How To Start SEO :

SEO is not very easy and not very difficult But one thing i want to say you have to do SEO work with patience because it take lots of time .If you want your website top in search result you have to make your website Search engine friendly as well as user friendly. SEO can be categorized in two parts.

.1)ON- Page SEO

.2)OFF- Page SEO

ON-Page SEO:-

On page SEO is procedure for optimizing the URL, text or content, images and structure of website.

How To Do On-Page SEO :

Following are the steps to do On-Page SEO of a website

1.) First step is to find most relevant keywords for targeted website. Keyword selection is brain storming process.

2.)Make content with the help of selected keywords and implement those keywords in URL also if possible

3.) Add Unique and web-page related title ,meta description and meta keywords.  We can add more meta tags according to web page need but title,description and keyword are the basic tags to start SEO

4.)Improve site structure and make website user friendly. You can improve site structure by improving the structure of inner page  URLs and by making navigation easy.

5.) Offer quality content and services.Write better anchor text. Use heading tags in content and optimize images by using alt tags.

6 Make use of free webmaster tool and to take better control over web crawler use robot file.

OFF-Page SEO :

OFF page SEO means website promotion on web.

Parts Of OFF Page SEO :

Directory submission

Blog promotion

Social book marking

Forum posting

local listing

Classified ads

Search engine submissions

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